To members and friends of the North Dearborn Association
and supporters of the annual Dearborn Garden Walk:

In 2018, the Dearborn Garden Walk celebrated its 60th anniversary as one of the oldest garden walks in the county. Regrettably, the Dearborn Garden Walk will not take place in 2019.

The Dearborn Garden Walk began in 1958 as part of the North Dearborn Association’s effort to stimulate the preservation and renovation of what was then a somewhat declining west side of the Gold Coast neighborhood.   

The Walk became a fundraiser in support of the NDA’s work in preserving and refurbishing this beautiful part of old Chicago. Over the years the NDA’s efforts in this regard were brilliantly successful, both with the Walk and with its preservation efforts.

A number of unanticipated issues this year have set back the Garden Walk planning somewhat from the usual schedule. Ultimately, the NDA board of directors believe that it would be better not to risk presenting a Garden Walk this year that did not measure up to the standard that visitors have come to expect. We hope that the Garden Walk will go forward next year.

Refunds will be made to those who have already made ticket purchases or donations. The NDA appreciates the support all of you have provided for the Garden Walk and the NDA for six decades.






The NDA is a 501C3 not-for-profit corporation.